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The Shop

Equipment sales and de-taxing for none EU citzens (including the UK)!

We mainly sell Advance and Kortel products and our standard discount off new gear is 15%. Please don't hesitate calling/emailing if you are after other makes/products/equipment and we can lay our hands on most flying gear!

Just a reminder: we can also de-tax the TVA (VAT) removing the 20% tax on top of the 15% discount making this a 35% discount on new gear. The Paperwork and de-tax procedure is simple and straightforward. Please don't hesitate calling/emailing me if you would like further details.


We have in stock, some New and some slightly used items ...



- 1 x Kortel Kamasutra 2 pod seat plate harness. XS size. It can be fitted with a normal underseat unit, can be an open or podded harness. Its old'ish but in very good condition. 200 Euros Kamsutra details

- 2 x Kortel Tandem stuff/carry sacs/bags. Almost unused, in excellent condition. (new price 278.00 Euros) We have two priced at 150 Euros each. Tandem stuff sack details

Advance - Paragliders/Harnesses

Since the late 1980's Advance have produced some of the best paragliders on the market. The quality is unrivaled, the design detail and reliability of the product is unmatched and flying an Advance paraglider is a total pleasure. We have been using their gliders since 1991 for our own flying and in our school!

Just a few of the Advance products are shown here below. Please don't hesitate to ask for details, prices and availability on any of their products!

Normal weight (full fat) gliders

Alpha 7

The EN-A rated Alpha 7 is an ideal first wing. It handles beautifully, it has an excellent glide: perfect for your first XC flights and 50+ hours. (Click the photo for more details on this glider). Price Public - 3690.00 - Our Price 3136.50 Euros.

Epsilon 10

The low/mid EN-B rated Epsilon 10 DLS. The ideal glider for the newly qualified talented beginner to progress with, flight after flight: With the EPSILON DLS you can discover the whole spectrum of paragliding. Already in its 10th generation, the proven EPSILON is now available as a light glider in DLS quality. Just as perfect for starting cross-country flying as it is for hike-to-fly and travel.(Click the photo for more details). Price Public - 4590.00 - Our price 3901.50 Euros


The IOTA DLS is the high performance XC specialist – through and through. With this High-B wing you can enjoy maximal flying comfort over very long distances. Now constructed with DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE, the IOTA DLS qualifies as a light wing. This development progress starts a new era – without compromising robustness or long life. Price Public - 5090.00 - Our Price 4326.50 Euros

Sigma 11

The mid range EN-C rated Sigma 11, a comfortable but sporty XC machine with great performance and handling! (Click the photo for more details on this glider). Price Public - 5340.00 - Our Price 4539.00 Euros

Light weight gliders


Pi-3 A lightweight wing perfect for the hike and fly pilot who is looking for a small compact wing with performance. The Pi3 comes in 6 sizes now, 16,19,21,23,25 and 27 and suits all weights ranges depending on hike and fly, thermalling and speed flying. It's an excellent glider for pretty much all standards of pilots, from beginner to advanced. (Click the photo for more details on this glider). Price Public for the 16 and 19 is 3740.00 - Our price 3179.00 Euros and for the 21,23,25 and 27 is 3840.00 - Our Price 3264.00 Euros


The new light weight Theta ULS, a hike and XC wing: a mid-high end EN-B rated glider. The THETA ULS takes you out into undisturbed nature, far away from crowded launch sites. With minimal weight, maximum feel-good factor and tangible performance, you will be inspired to set out on new adventures, and be motivated to expand your skills. The new performance intermediate is based on the ultra-light construction of the OMEGA ULS. (Click the photo for more details on this glider). Price Public - 5190.00 - Our Price 4411.50 Euros


OMEGA ULS: Ultra-light and ultra competitive: that's our new racing two-liner. It’s been developed for all those experienced pilots who want to achieve notable cross-country flights, competition rewards, and the mastery of new challenges. The OMEGA ULS is now available in 4 sizes, and impresses athletes by its effortless handling, outstanding flight performance and very low weight starting from 3.05 kg.. (Click the photo for more details on this glider). Price Public - 5990.00 - Our Price 5091.50 Euros

Advance Harnesses.

Axess 5

The Axess 5 is an ideal harness for the beginner or leisure pilot. It's light in weight, has a honeycomb seat plate and Foam/'Airbag' protection system. It's stable in flight, comfortable, compact and has plenty of storage. The medium weighs 4.25kgs. (Click the photo for more details). Price Public 990.00 - Our price 841.50 Euros

Success 5

The Success 5 is a sport styled harness with a foam back protector and carbon seat plate. This is a very comfortable streamlined harness designed for the XC pilot who prefers an open seat. The medium sized weighs just 4.6kgs.(Click the photo for more details). Price Public - 1330.00 - Our Price 1130.50 Euros


The BOUNDLESS is a reversible harness that doesn’t have to be turned inside out. With its easy handling, this harness-rucksack system signals a revolution in this category. The resulting sleek design provides comfort and compactness both in the air and on foot. The multifunctional backpack serves as a twin-fit protector element. The medium weighs just 3.8kg and has an 83 litres back pack volume. Price Public - 1240.00 - Our Price 1054.00 Euros

Easiness 3

The Easiness 3 is a light, very comfortable reversible 'Hike and Fly' harness. In three sizes small, medium and large. It has an underseat airbag with internal reserve housing. In our opinion it's the best hike and fly unit available (Click the photo for more details). Price Public - 990.00 - Our Price 841.50 Euros

Lightness 4


NEXT LEVEL COMFORT - Like the LIGHTNESS 3, only better: the successor of "The" pod harness classic offers even more comfort, easier handling and a sportier look. The fourth generation of the all-round pod harness remains the perfect companion for long and relaxed cross-country flights. First deliveries are expected at the end of May 2024. (Click the photo for more details). Price Public - 2290.00 - Our Price 1946.50 Euros.

Lightness 3

The WEIGHTLESS has been developed for X-Alps athletes and specially upgraded for weight-conscious cross country pilots. The WEIGHTLESS is therefore the perfect harness component for ambitious Hike to XC and VolBiv projects, as well as serious competition. Its special qualities include minimal weight, comprehensive usefulness and great comfort. The aerodynamically excellent XC harness also impresses by its lean and dynamic look.. (Click the photo for more details). Price Public - 2090.00 - Our Price 1776.50 Euros

Kortel Harnesses

The French company of Kortel Design have been producing top of the range paragliding harnesses for almost 20 years. Their range includes the very lightest hike and fly harnesses to the out and out full race pod harnesses. Quality, safety and comfort barely describes their products in detail. Their range is extensive and we only show a few on this page.

Click here to go to their website to see their full range!Kortel Harnesses

Here are some details for: Companion and Kortel email or call us for prices.

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