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Pilot-Development and Progression with Fly Guiding:

The early flights for a new pilot without the watchful eye of their instructor or coach can be daunting, even if they have flown on their regular sites before and perhaps even more so when visiting a new area.

Our Pilot-Development and Progression Coaching is ideal for newly qualified, low airtime pilots, and for more experienced pilots who maybe new to the Alps.

It's an Introduction into Alpine Flying, it's a Refresher for rusty pilots, it's thermalling and fly guiding all rolled into one.

Pilot-Development and Progression Coaching is individually taylored as no two pilots have the same requirements. It's helping hand, a confidence booster, refreshing techniques, tuning your alpine thermalling techniques,and getting you flying in magnificent mountain environments.

We are a Registerd BHPA school, British and French qualified instrutors with more than 30 years flying experience in and around our local sites of Chamonix, Annecy, Plaine Joux and the surrounding areas. Check here - About Us.

Our coaching/instruction includes help with:

Pilot-Development Coaching includes checking glider/harness/reserve and general equipment safety checks, and if needed adjusting electronics, variometers and gps units for best performance.

Perhaps you have recently qualified and need a little more ground handling practice, or have a few tasks that need reinforcing or even signing off to obtain your PILOT qualification!

Glider control. Long alpine flights give us time perfecting efficient 360 turns and accuracy positioning our gliders for best climbs. We will offer suggestions and ideas on how to fly your glider effectively and efficiently making the most of thermal climbs.

Effects of Turbulence. By employing the correct defensive (active) flying techniques, the effects of turbulence can be minimized. We deal with recovery from the effects of turbulence, such as, how to reduce the chances of asymmetric and symmretric closures, stalls and spins. As we have flying sites with plenty of height we could practice asymmetric closures and pitch control exercises if they haven't been covered beforehand, all at the pilots discretion!

Descent Techniques. We look at and practice safe rapid techniques using big ears and speed bar and fast 360's leading to spiral dives, again at the pilots discretion!

Thermalling. We discuss mountain thermalling in detail, in the classroom on the white board, and with radio assistance when in the air. If conditions allow we'll fly with you and look at some possible XC flying. There are some spectacular and simple routes in Chamonix and Annecy, and some lovely valley flying locally to us.

Speeds to Fly. Here we look at using the speed bar effectlively during transitional glides between thermals, into wind or with valley crossings, searching for the best and most efficient speeds-to-fly in gliding flight.

Site Briefings. Each day and at each site visited you will be briefed comprehensively on the launch and landing areas, where the best thermals may be and how to make the most of your flights. You will also be advised of possible danger areas.

Weather Details. Where to find the forecasts and understand the effects the weather can have within this alpine environment.

BHPA-Pilot level tasks. If you are working towards your BHPA 'Pilot Level' this may be a good time to tick off some or even all of those 'Pilot' tasks that require some altitude and long flights.

Minimum requirements BHPA-CPC, USA-P2, Appi Pro-Para 3, IPPI 3, ideally a current pilot with at least 10 hours.

You will need your own glider and harness that has been recently checked, a recently repacked reserve parachute, and variometer. Ideally a GPS, and radio with helmet headset is optional but useful.

We have radios for hire @ 10 Euros a day. Our own licensed 2m band radio frequency is 161,325. When bringing your own electronics please bring the appropriate instruction manuals, battery chargers cables and computer cables.

Don’t forget your License details, Logbook, proof of membership, qualifications and importantly insurance details.

If required JS Travel Insurance has good Paragliding holiday cover. JS Travel Insurance

Our Pilot development/progression coaching is available throughout the year, winter or summer, and any amount of days can be booked, though we recommend a minimum of 4 days especially for newly qualified pilots.

Please Note: We don't have fixed course dates as we work on a 'first come - first served' basis: if available please choose your own dates. Please check the Availabilty Page for dates.

Assuming assistance is not required at launch or landing the price is 200 Euros a day for one pilot, 180 Euros a day each for 2 pilots or 160 Euros a day each for 3 pilots. All transport to the local drive-to flying sites is included, but not cable car or local navette prices.

Please note: If assistance is needed at launch and landing and two instructors are required as with pre-CPC training then we revert to the daily training charge of 260 Euros for one pilot.

PLEASE NOTE: all dates require booking please see the Prices Page for booking details and terms.


Flying paragliders is more of a career in soaring and thermalling, we never stop learning, that's why it's such a fantastic sport and becoming competent within oneself sometimes takes a little longer!

To help understand what's involved in the training we definitely advise the new student reads 'Paragliding, The Beginner Guide', 'Touching Cloudbase' and/or looks at the excellent DVD 'Learn to Fly' before they visit us for their training. The knowledge gained will be invaluable! We have them in stock, though with postage problems and costs from the EU it may be cheaper to purchase one of these locally!

The BHPA Shop or XCmag Shop stock these items. Touching Cloudbase

Touching Cloudbase' by Ian Currer is an now on-line video/lecture format. For a £50.00 registration fee you buy 2 years of very well presented video lectures and films, all about learning to paraglide. Check our the details here: Touchingcloudbase If you decide to take this excellent program you need to register a school when adding your details. We are the 'Alpine Flying Centre'.

Paragliding Beginners Guide

I can highly recommend this recent book by Bastienne Wentzel and Ed Ewing, it not only for the new beginner pilot but also for anyone who flies a paraglider. It's a jolly good read, it's educational, it has been carefully written and covers pretty much all aspects of our sport.

Fifty Ways to Fly Better Here is some great reading from BRUCE GOLDSMITH, World Champion pilot and one of the World's most experienced glider designers. Fifty Ways to Fly Better is essential for all pilots who want to reach their potential.

Advanced Paragliding This book is a must for all standards, It's full of detailed experiences from the best in the world, covering technique, safety, security and psychology.

Understanding the Sky

I can highly recommend the recent update of this excellent weather book for sport pilots. Its an easy read and full of detailed information.


The BHPA Shop or XCmag Shop both stock these items

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