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Fly Guiding

From late March to October our Fly Guiding between the Chamonix valley and Lake Annecy includes transport to the sites, retrieves, detailed safety information, briefings at both launch and landing areas, information on where the best thermals are, possible XC routes and in-flight safety advice where necessary. The aim of this service is for hassle free flying and maximum airtime.

Our long flying season varies a little and generally late March, April, May and June give the best lapse rates and highest cloud base, and most of the longest flights from this area are made then. The warmer weather in Summer and Autumn also provides great possibilities, and there are an average of 24 flyable days each month. See our Flying Weather Page for the details!

We can tailor the day to the weather and your requirements: the perfect fly guiding day would be to set you an XC track/task perhaps with turn points, and maybe with start and finish gates loaded into your GPS. Making it a purposeful flight!

We would fly with you and if necessary helping you to find the best thermals, climbs and making sure you utilise the best glides, all via radio. There are a number of routes within our local valleys ranging from simple 12 km flights to out and returns, 25 km triangles and cats-cradles up to 50 km and more, all with good land out options. Ideally we try and complete at least 2 good flights each day depending upon the itinerary and weather.

We try and visit a different flying site each day depending upon the weather. The area has a number of excellent sites accessible either by road or cable car. Details can be found in the Sites Guide pages.

Please Note: If you were thinking of a visit to fly just Chamonix and using the cable cars to access the main launch sites then please consider that the lifts are only open at certain times during the year.

In Winter they open from around mid December to mid and sometimes late April and then close. They open for the summer from around early to mid June until mid September. The Aiguille du Midi Lift is open longer. Please see the details part way down our Latest News page. 'Cable car lift opening dates'

Of Course: We have a number of 'drive up to' launch areas that are always accessible.

XC Fly Guiding clients should have a minimum qualification of BHPA - CPC or level 2 licence or IPPI 3, ideally with some mountain experience, have confident thermalling technique, and able to launch and land out without assistance.

All your own gear should include a selection of clothing for both hot and cool circumstances. Please bring a Vario/GPS and radio and ideally have an easy in-flight radio communications option. Our licensed radio frequency is 161,325. Don't forget your camera, vario or GPS computer cables so you can view your information/pictures on our equipment! Also don't forget the instrument instruction manuals, your licence and log book.

In addition you require at least third party flying insurance and a holiday insurance that includes medical, repatriation and cancellation cover. European citizens should bring an EHIC card the European Health Insurance Card that entitles you to reduced-cost and sometimes free medical treatment if it becomes necessary while you're in a European Economic area (EEA) country.

For a paragliding holiday insurance. Try here: JS Insurance

The cost for our Fly Guiding is 225 Euros a day for one pilot, 180 Euros a day each for 2 pilots or 160 Euros a day each for 3 pilots. All transport to the local drive-to flying sites is included, but not cable car or local navette prices.

All guiding charges shown are for local flying in and around the Chamonix Valley and include transport to and from all the drive-to launch sites and all retrieves. An additional charge of 40 Euros a day that covers extra transport costs is made for trips to places like Annecy, Verbier or into Italy: this cost is split between all clients in the car. Cable car and Annecy Montmin upper lifts are not included, sorry!

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