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When BHPA - EPC and CPC training with Dennis and Gillian it's necessary to be a BHPA member. The 3 month BHPA membership is £83 Sterling + £25 a once only joining fee. Or you could take the 12 months/annual membership at £149 + the £25 joining fee.

It's worth taking the full annual membership as the CPC licence will only be issued to full members. Join the BHPA with us before training commences or go to and join before the visit.

For British based clients the BHPA membership gives the necessary third party insurance cover that's required for training. However, this insurance does not have any medical cover: this should be taken using a holiday insurance. Try here: JS Insurance

For non British based clients we need to find an alternative training insurance, please check your holiday insurance to see if it covers paragliding, otherwise there are various sources of insurance available here in France, but you will require a health check and medical certificate. Ask Dennis for the details!

PLEASE NOTE: all dates require booking please see the Prices Page for booking details and terms. Go to the Availability Page to see if your prefered dates are available!

Transportation to and from the training/launch/landing sites is included in the fees, but not cable car costs, though cable cars are very rarely used during early training.

For your part; you will need to bring ankle high/supporting walking boots or good trainers with a good grip, long sleeved top and long trousers, a lightweight windproof top, gloves, sun tan cream, plenty of bottled water and lunch, though there are restaurants at the training areas.

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