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Recent News

Domancy and Chamonix Valley - January 21st

The weather and Skiing:

Winter is in full swing and there is very good snow down to 1000m. We have had a complete selection of winter weather. Heavy snowfalls to 400 metres, cold weather, blizzard's, gale and storm force winds and rain. We have had more snowfall than sunshine: great for the skiers!

After some of the recent weather fronts some of the local ski resorts are still closed due to high avalanche risk. It looks as if the poor weather will continue until Monday evening then improvement is on the way.

There is great snow cover and skiing in all the resorts that are currently open, and more should open from Tuesday/Wednesday.

Here are some weather links for this area: Chamonix - Passy - Chamonix Meteo

The Flying

October flying was exceptionally good. It was warm and dry and good thermic activity preveiled most days. October is not generally a great month for big height gains or long XC flights, but this year it was better than average, and we had 27 flyable days.

The flying throughout most of the summer has been excellent, with local pilots making good distances around the area. Since then the temperatures have been high and the flying conditions very good. Many long XC flights by various pilots throughout the western Alps have been made, too many to count, but all available to see on-line.

Our local site of Plaine Joux was closed nearly all of April for a complete face lift. It now looks great with its 'Astro-turf' surface and increased area. See the picture of me launching the new Advance Sigma 10... Advance Sigm 10

We've had many really good days flying at Chamonix, Plaine Joux, Annecy and Samoens with clients.

Check out the new Plaine Joux from it's webcam WebCam

2017 Annual Summary!

All in all it has been a very good year. 207 flyable days from last December to the finish of October, though the winter months December, January and February are very much playing months with skiing and flying. This last year we were also away all of August flying in Macedonia, so the overall tally is a litle less than most years.

The summer tally from March to the finish of October gave us an average of 24 flyable days a month throughout. In 20 years of keeping this record, as seen below, the monthly average of flyable days throughout the summer really hasn't changed...

2018 Bookings...

We are taking bookings for 2018: don't delay if you would like to reserve some dates! Check out our 'Availability' page.

Summer Paragliding...

We run Beginner and thermalling courses and fly guiding from March to November!

• Intermediates - Post CPC courses: includes Introduction to the Mountains, Refresher and Thermalling..

• Flying guiding for those who are looking to go further..

• Advanced - Thermalling/XC Courses for those you want to go up. (The best months are from April to August).

• Keep an eye on our Facebook for updates!

Winter Flying:

From early January to mid March is our winter flying period and we offer fly guiding in the mountains for all pilots wanting to experience the beautiful high flights within the spectacular winter surroundings!. If required we can teach you to Ski launch too! Check out our Winter Flying page. FFVL

Tandem flying:

We offer paragliding tandem flying all the year, especially during the winter. If you are in the area skiing and have friends that would like to take flight over these spectacular mountains, then please give us a call!

We are a BHPA Registered School:

We are a BHPA registered school offering EPC and CPC course with Personal one-to-one Instruction. BHPA

Personal one-to-one Instruction is a great way for the beginner pilot to train all the way to CPC as results happen quickly. The training includes all the BHPA tasks plus we add a number of mountain and thermalling tasks into the course, ensuring the new pilot is ready for mountain flying in the high Alps.

On average it takes a new pilot around 8 or 9 days to completes their EPC and CPC ratings and the training concludes with a number of hours of airtime, plenty of soaring and some long thermalling flights.

This form of training means you have your own instructor exclusively and it costs only 220 Euros a day, plus 40 Euros a day for glider/harness rental, if required.

The latest from Advance paragliders!

Advance Sigma 10

SIGMA 10 - Epic XC The SIGMA 10 continues the story of the legendary SIGMA Series. With an aspect ratio of 6.16 and 66 cells the new ADVANCE XC flagship is positioned at the centre of the EN/LTF C class. The high-tech sportster combines outstanding performance with sporty dynamic and distinguished colours. The best starting point for epic cross country experiences.

Click on the picture to see more details on the New Sigma.

Advance Epsilon 8

The Advance Epsilon 8 A classic sparkling low/mid EN-B rated glider with the latest technical features, a growth in performance and a plus in handling precision. With the EPSILON 8 you get a good feeling straightaway - ideal for a talented beginner or experienced leisure flyer.

It's a pleasure and lots of fun to fly. It has extremely good handling, in all respects, it climbs well and has a very nice glide, especially into wind! We also like it as it's light and easy to pack down. Click on the picture to see more details on the Epsilon.

Advance Iota 2

Advance Iota 2 The new Iota 2 has just been released and we are waiting for our demo gliders. We should have them early next month, and I'll post a full report then.

What is your cross country dream? To manage your first 200 kms? To land in front of your house after a long day’s flying, or just set off and see how far you can get? The IOTA 2 offers you all of the most important ingredients for these achievements: efficient performance and relaxed piloting in all conditions.

Advance Alpha 6

Advance Alpha 6: We use this excellent EN-A rated wing in the school to train new pilots from day one.

It's easy to launch, handles beautifully in the air, it has very good performance and a light and very effective speed bar. It's a definate for the newly qualified pilot and a great glider for ocassional pilots looking for safety and performance! Click on the picture to see more details of the Alpha 6!

Annual Flying...

We have kept a record of all the flying days we've had in this area since 1996 and you can see on the chart below the number of flying days doesn't change much each year. The mid winter flying window is around 2-3 hours extending to 11 hours in the spring and summer. Some mid summer days have strong thermic periods where pilots become grounded for a few hours, otherwise the annual flying conditions are very good. It has to be said that not all the days produce fantastic flying conditions but it's not bad here and realistically we fly for about 65% of the year: the chart speaks for itself.

PLEASE NOTE - On the chart below some months are shown as n/a (not available) this is because in the winter we are skiing or flying tandem and not registering our flyable days and in summer it would be because we are away from the area, normally flying somewhere else.

2014 n/an/an/a2527262422262321194
2015 n/an/an/a2222242629283022203
2016 281772222192328292723245
2017 27n/an/a2625282425n/a2527207

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