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About Us - Dennis and Gillian Trott

old Godger Dennis formally a traditional wooden boat builder from London started sailing when he was six years old and started racing dinghies at ten. He ran his own boatbuilding company until the early 80's when he sold up and moved to the Mediterranean.

In the summer months he became involved with yacht cruising, charter and flotilla holidays in Turkey. The winters during that time were spent in the mountains: he has been skiing for more than 35 years and has been an instructor and guide with the Ski Club of Great leading parties in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Dennis started flying paragliders in 1990 and hang gliders in 1997. He has been teaching and guiding since 1993 and has more than 20000 hours on hands-on teaching and amassed over 4000 hours of airtime with the majority of his flying in the northern French Alps.

Dennis holds a BHPA Senior Instructors license, the French BEES (FFVL) instructors license, 1st degree, and a professional tandem rating. er in doors

Gillian from Worcestershire who was involved with the travel business for most of her working life now enjoys the winters skiing and the summers flying in these magnificent mountains.

Gillian is a BHPA instructor, coach, accomplished XC pilot, and tandem pilot and has been flying paragliders for more than ten years. Gillian is fully involved in the school working along side Dennis with the teaching and guiding

Together Dennis and Gillian make an excellent team and have been involved in running their successful chalets and school, firstly in Les Houches in the Chamonix Valley for more than ten years and now in Domancy since 2003.

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