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Kortel Harnesses

Kortel Design have been producing top of the range paragliding harnesses for almost 20 years. Their range includes the very lightest hike and fly harnesses to the out and out full race pod harnesses. Quality, safety and comfort barely describes their products in detail. Their range is extensive and we only show a few on this page. Click here to go to their website to see their full range!
Kortel Harnesses

Kortel Kool Harness

The Kool designed in collaboration with paragliding teachers has been optimized not only for the use in school but makes an excellent first harness. It's perfectly adapted for hill soaring, thermalling and XC flying. In flight it's very comfortable and stable.

This light/medium weight harness is extremely good for ground handling, has easy entering after launch and easy exit for landing. It has a seat plate, pre-inflated and full air bag protection, an integral reserve pocket, colour coded leg and chest straps, excellent under seat, back and side storage pockets and a radio pocket. It has a neat underseat pocket for storing the speed bar out of the way whilst groundhandling. Four sizes are available. The medium weighs 3.7kgs: 840.00 Euros. (Click the photo for more details).

Kortel Karma 2

The Karma 2 is a very comfortable all around open harness and has a fully adjustable in-flight 'V' belt stability arrangement. It comes with a speed bar and can be fitted with a stirrup.

It has pre-inflated and full air bag protection, an underseat reserve container, carbon seat plate, plenty of back and side pocket storage and has radio and drinks bag pockets. The harness packs down easily and the medium weighs 3.9kgs. It's available in 5 sizes: 910 Euros. (Click the photo for more details).

Kortel Kuik

The Kuik 2 harness is a revolutionary design. The harness seat itself is a lightweight split leg harness that has four different modules that will change the harness: It can be a lightweight reversible harness/backpack. It can have harness with foam protection. It can be a harness with an airbag proctector or it can be an XC pod harness.

It's probably easier to have a good look at the Kortel website with their detailed explanation and the available modules. We love it and have been flying with the podded (kocon) version. With the pod it only weighs a little over 4 kgs.

It's available in 3 sizes and the prices starts at 560 Euros for the basic harness and increases to 1110 Euros with the pod. (Click the photo for more details).

Kortel also make 4 other very lightweight harnesses. The 'Kliff', the 'Kruyer 2', the 'Karver 2' and the 'Kolibri'.

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