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Since the late 1980's Advance have produced some of the best paragliders on the market. The quality is unrivaled, the design detail and reliability of the product is unmatched and flying an Advance paraglider is a total pleasure. We have been using their gliders since 1991 both in the school and for our own flying!

The prices shown are the recommended retail price and includes VAT @ 20%. Please don't hesitate asking us for a special price! -- If you are from outside the EU we can issue the de-tax (VAT) papers for a refund.

Alpha 6

The new EN-A rated Alpha 6 is an ideal first wing. It handles beautifully, it has an excellent glide: perfect for your first XC flights and 50+ hours. 3140.00 Euros (Click the photo for more details on this glider).

Epsilon 8

The brand new EN-B rated Epsilon 8 makes a great second wing. It has easy handling, thermals beautifully, and has a very good trim and accelerated glide! 3680.00 Euros (Click the photo for more details).


The new high end EN-B rated Iota 2 is an XC machine that won't disappoint. It has easy performance, a wicked climb and glide and it's lots of fun to fly. 4040.00 Euros (Click the photo for more details on this glider).

Sigma 10

The mid range EN-C rated Sigma 10, a comfortable but sporty XC machine with great performance and handling. A pure delight to fly! 4390.00 Euro (Click the photo for more details on this glider).

Omega X-Alps

Omega X-Alps 2. This is the ultimate light weight high performance XC wing. A true performer with beautiful precise handling. 3700.00 Euros (Click the photo for more details on this glider).


Pi-2 is the new light weight mountain wing. Perfect for the hike and fly pilot who is looking for a small compact wing with performance. 2840.00 Euros for the P2-16 - 2990.00 Euros for the P2-19/23/27. (Click the photo for more details on this glider).